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David will be dealing with hundreds of federal issues when elected, and wants to share just a few stances that he as taken as a strong Tennessee leader!

David Hawk stands for a responsible federal budget. 

COVID-19 has shed light on just how fragile our US economy can be. Being $25 Trillion in debt puts our economy even more at risk. David has had a prime seat at the table to work on Tennessee’s responsible, balanced budgets. He will take this skill to Washington.

David Hawk stands for improved mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment.

One out of every four families in our country is dealing with some type of mental health or substance abuse problem. This issue has been swept under the rug for far too long and must be addressed. Long term mental health care is desperately needed.

David Hawk stands for improving our country’s infrastructure.

Our country’s roads and bridges, as well as our water and sewer systems, are beginning to crumble. We are in the midst of a “pay me now or pay me a whole lot later” situation with infrastructure. These needs must be met in our responsible budgeting.

David Hawk stands for bringing many of our manufacturing jobs back home.

For far too long we have allowed other countries to dictate activity in our manufacturing sector. David supports President Trump’s efforts to strengthen job creation in the US by putting our people back to work, creating the products of the 21st century.

David Hawk stands for continuing and improving care of our US Military Veterans.

Our country’s Veterans have made sacrifice on top of sacrifice for us. We must take care of them now and always. Services through our regional Veteran Affairs facilities must be maintained and increased.

David Hawk stands with our country’s farmers.

We must always remember that farming is one of the strongest pillars of our country’s foundation. Food security means national security. If you had a meal today, thank a farmer!

Throughout his tenure in the Tennessee General Assembly, David Hawk has consistently maintained a conservative voting record. He has the highest lifetime conservative voting record of any Congressional candidate, scoring 89% from the American Conservative Union Foundation Center for Legislative Accountability’s 2019 scorecard.

David has supported Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment legislation and has always been a proponent of expanding individual freedoms, promoting a strong economy, and eliminating barriers to fiscal and economic growth.


He is proud of his voting record and commitment to representing the needs and views of his constituents.

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